The Aesthetics in Wood

Few years ago, when I thought wooden accessories I thought teenage love, beach babes, and sometimes hippie.

But there’s been a dramatic change in the aesthetics of wooden accessories these days – they’re now associated with minimalism, moderness, and individuality.

Seeing them appear on my favourite blogs recently, I’ve been thinking about trying it out myself. Maybe start with a pair of wooden shades or a watch. Lucky for me, I was gifted this beautifully crafted wooden watch from JORD Watches.

The watch came in a thoughtfully designed wooden box (which I will show you on my Instagram very soon, I promise!), I was so excited that I immediately put it on and took my dog out for the photoshoot (hence I forgot the box at home).





The colour and pattern of the wooden band is unique and elegant and with its champagne metallic screen, this timepiece creates a beautiful mixture of natural and industrial design.

It stands out when paired with modern and minimalistic outfits while complimenting the neutral and vintage.





Here’s the link to JORD’s women’s shop and JORD’s men’s shop. The watches come in different shades and designs – classic or trendy, neutral or edgy.

If you’re still on the look out for Christmas or New Year’s Gifts, here’s your chance to win a Giveaway. EVERYONE who enters the giveaway competition will also receive a $25 Gift Card.

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