Capsule Wardrobe Series: Outwear Essentials – Part One –

Capsule Wardrobe is a collection of essential clothing and accessories that are versatile, able to coordinate with one another and also, form the basis of outfits for all occasions.


In this article we’ll go through five outwear essentials for your wardrobe. We refer to them as the “New Classics”. As the name suggests, they are the classics, the staples that will last for seasons and seasons.

Most men acknowledge the basics of personal style, they put together plain t-shirt with dark jeans, white cotton shirt with tan chinos, etc. And yes they look amazing! But when it gets a little chilly out there, they fall back to the aged hoodies and all the efforts go poof.

A Jacket, Blazer, or Sweater is often the more stylish alternative. The can be the statement piece of your entire outfit because that’s often the first thing others take notice of you. (But of course, with the absence of your polka dots tie or bright red sneakers.)



Navy Blazer is the very definition of “dressy casual”. It pairs well with pretty much everything in your wardrobe, white t-shirt or dress shirt, dark wash jeans, sand chinos, oxford dress shoes or white-on-white sneakers! The list goes on. Navy Blazer is the most versatile garment ever existed, you can hardly go wrong with it.


NAVY BLAZER: Weekend Casual

You don’t have to get fully dressed up to put on a blazer, and it can’t be more true when it comes to Navy Blazers.

A Navy Blazer takes your favourite Dark Wash Jeans and White T-Shirt to another level of perfection.

An Oxford button-down shirt with white sneakers is a more refined alternative.



NAVY BLAZER: Holiday Getaway

Slightly dressier options are the Sand and Khaki Chinos. For a look that’s both relaxed and smart, pair with plain sweaters or pattern shirts instead of t-shirts.


(Source: OneDapperStreet)                                                  (Source: StayClassicBlog)


NAVY BLAZER: Preppy Update

The classic combination of Navy Blazer, Oxford Shirt, and Dark Jeans or Chinos has long been the staple of the preppy look.

Update the look with a pair of brown brogues and layer with a thin Cardigan.

(Make sure the colour of your Navy Blazer is visibly different to your pants so they don’t look like a mismatched dark suit.)


(Source: StayClassicBlog)


NAVY BLAZER: Modern Gents

Navy Blazers are not privileges for young gents. For more sophisticated look, go for a Navy Blazer with heavier fabrics.

Pair with a White Dress Shirt, a nice Cashmere Sweater, and Grey Wool Trousers to complete the modern gent look.



NAVY BLAZER: Young Adventurers

For more trendier and younger aesthetics, stick with the principles of white-on-white or blue-on-blue.

Casual: white or light grey t-shirt with white pants and white sneakers.

Smart Casual: navy suit (cropped pants) with blue casual shirt and plimsolls.




A Bomber Jacket is defined as “a short jacket tightly gathered at the waist and cuffs by elasticated bands and typically having a zip front”.

There are two major styles of Bomber Jackets nowadays: one without collars, and one with collars. Some brands refer to the ones with collars the “Harrington Jackets”.

Generally speaking, the Bomber Jackets are relatively casual and contemporary while the Harrington Jackets are dressy and sophisticated.
The fabrics of a Bomber, however, determine a major part of its aesthetics.

  1. The Herringbone Cotton and Wool-rich Woven are the most versatile options, they can be dressed up and down easily.
  2. The Suede and Leather are classy and vintage, with fitting outfits and accessories they are the most stylish options.
  3. The Nylon or Polyester Bomber has become a statement piece of athleisure and high-end casual street style.

We have undergone a long debate as to what is THE essential colour for a Bomber.
Black is definitely on the list. Then there is Khaki, Sand or Tan, and Navy.

  1. Black bomber looks best in Cotton, Wool, and Nylon.
  2. Khaki Bomber looks best in Nylon and Cotton.
  3. Sand and Tan Bombers look best in Cotton and Suede. Tan is often designed with Varsity-Style Contrasting Sleeves.
  4. Navy looks best in Cotton and Nylon.



Basic Approach: with Woven Shirtm, Wool trousers, and Oxford / Lace-Up Shoes.


(Source: Mr. Porter)


Dressy Approach: with a Patter Tie, or a Sweater overlayering the Shirt.


(Source: StayClassicBlog)



Monochrome: With Distressed Dark Jeans and Oversize T-shirt.

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(Source: ChristophSchaller)


Minimalist: Black Jeans with Plain T-shirt. Monochrome boots or sneakers.

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(Source: ChristophSchaller)                                                  (Source: OneDapperStreet)


Dynamic: Denim Shirt or a Hoodie with Denim jeans.


(Source: MartinBonke)                                                  (Source: TheImpression)

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