My career as a Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper started in 2015. Before that I was a solicitor based in Sydney. Through my experiences working with men and women of different backgrounds and social status, I learned that only few realise how they dress also represent how they perceive themselves and can ultimately affect how others perceive them.

With that aspect, a man’s or a woman’s “personal style” influences every part of his or her life: career, demeanour, relationships, and much more. There are, of course, other means to express this “sense of self”, but I genuinely believe personal style is the easiest way to achieve it.

This website is dedicated to all of you, who wish to dress, to express, to feel comfortable and confident, and to develop a lifestyle you’ve dreamed of. Although discovering personal style is a learning and experimenting process that requires time and effort, I hope our styling services and journals will guide you a shortcut and aspire you to be your personal best. With style.


By Via Zen


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